BTS’s And BLACKPINK’s Comeback Looks Were Created By The Same Designer

This designer helped create the looks for “Boy With Luv” and “Kill This Love”.

BTS and BLACKPINK are winning the 2019 fashion game with their comeback looks, thanks (in part) to one talented designer.


Quantez is a custom jewelry designer who makes pieces for top stars, including BLACKPINK and BTS.


Back in March, he hosted a live stream where he revealed that one of his new BTS pieces might be featured in BTS’s comeback MV.

Used it in the music video. Next coming up music video, so check them out.

— Quantez


The accessory in question was an iced out Cuban choker he had designed for BTS’s Suga.


Although it hasn’t been confirmed yet, the chain Suga wears in BTS’s second “Boy With Luv” teaser is very similar to the one Quantez was referring to.


Quantez also designed these tennis chains that are fit for four glamorous queens.


BLACKPINK’s Lisa can be seen wearing them in her teaser photo for “Kill This Love”. She also wore them in her comeback teaser video.


Fans may want to keep an eye on Quantez to get more sneak previews and info about the BTS’s and BLACKPINK’s hottest accessories!