BTS And BLACKPINK’s Stylist Gushes Over Their Favorite TXT Member To Style

The member makes styling them a breeze.

Kim Tae Young, known as Balko, served as an art and visual director for NCT 127 and TXT, worked on customizing for BIGBANG, and styled BTS and BLACKPINK. When discussing their work as an idol stylist, Balko shared why one TXT member was a breeze to style.


Designer Lim Heon Soo, who’s made stage outfits for idols such as Taemin and CRAVITY, came across a comment on TXT’s outfits from their “FREEZE” promotions. The comment read, “They’re an extreme [case of] ‘too-much styling,’ but they overcame it with their ‘faces.’

Lim Heon Soo ignored the negativity and praised how well the custom leather jacket he made for Yeonjun turned out, especially the perfect contrast between the icy background and orange leather detail. Balko didn’t let the negative comment slide, though.

To Balko, the negative comment wasn’t negative at all. It meant they were doing their job properly as a stylist and shared why TXT’s oldest member made their job a breeze.

Our job is to make idols’ faces stand out. So, I’m thankful if their face beats the outfit. And for Yeonjun, it’s just so easy.

— Balko

Yeonjun’s visuals were so stunning that Balko said he could make the blandest outfit look high fashion. They said, ‘His face will shine even with a burlap bag.

Because of his unique visuals, Yeonjun can definitely pull off a variety of styles.


Watch Balko gush over the handsome idol making a stylist’s job a walk in the park.