BTS’s “Boy In Luv” MV Actress Is Living Her Best Supermodel Life In 2023

She has a totally different look now.

BTS has released dozens of music videos in ten years, but only a few of these videos feature female co-stars.

Actress Han So Hee played Jungkook’s love interest in his “Seven” music video. | HYBE Labels/YouTube

One of the earliest BTS MV heroines appeared in the 2014 music video “Boy In Luv.”

Go Somi in BTS’s “Boy In Luv” MV | 1theK/YouTube
| 1theK/YouTube

Go Somi, who then went by the name Go Sohyun, played the role of BTS’s high school crush.

Jin serenading Go Somi in BTS’s “Boy In Luv” MV. | 1theK/YouTube

Go Somi appeared in several other music videos, including Clazziquai Project‘s “Love Satellite,” DEAN‘s “Bonnie & Clyde,” INFINITE‘s “Inconvenient Truth,” and VIXX Leo‘s “Blossom Tears,” but she has since returned to her roots: modeling.

In 2012, two years before she appeared in “Boy In Luv” MV, Go Somi gained attention as a contestant on Season 3 of Korea’s Next Top Model. She made it into the show’s Top 5 and signed an exclusive contract with Esteem Entertainment after the show ended.

Go Somi’s modeling challenge photos from “Korea’s Next Top Model.” | OnStyle

Eleven years later, Go Somi is now 33 years old and still signed to Esteem Entertainment as a fashion model.

| Esteem Entertainment

Over the past year, Go Somi has been keeping fans up to date on her top model life with behind-the-scenes photos from fashion events, photoshoots, traveling, and more.

While shooting “Boy In Luv” MV, Go Somi had a pretty girl-next-door vibe, but her look these days is chic, fierce, and always catwalk-ready.

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