Here’s What The Girl From BTS’s “Boy In Luv” MV Is Doing Now

She’s been very busy these last 5 years.

Women don’t appear too frequently in BTS‘s music videos, so whenever an actress does show up, fans are curious about them.


One of the first actresses to ever appear in a BTS music video was Go Sohyun. She appeared in the 2014 music video for “Boy In Luv” as the high school classmate BTS’s members had a crush on.


The last time many ARMYs laid eyes on her was in the behind the scenes film for “Boy In Luv”, but that’s not the last time Go Sohyun appeared on screen.


Go Sohyun has acted in a number of other music videos, including Clazziquai Project‘s “Love Satellite”, Juggigo‘s “Want U”, Infinite‘s “Inconvenient Truth”, and VIXX Leo‘s “Blossom Tears”.


She has also appeared on television in this CF for Malibu Diesel Talk…


…and in 2017 she gave beauty tips in an episode of Beauty Bible.


Did we mention that she has a beautiful voice too? She sang the song “Rainy Day” as part of promotions for Esteem‘s Summer Collection.


Go Sohyun was 23 (going on 24) when “Boy In Luv” dropped. She is now heading towards her 29th birthday, and often posts gorgeous photos on her Instagram.


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