BTS Brought Anti-Fans Into BT21’s Story, And It’s So On Point

They created a realistic obstacle for their fictional characters.

Every creature on Earth has natural enemies, and for K-Pop idols, those natural enemies are anti-fans.

On June 11, BT21 released a new episode of BT21 UNIVERSE 3 on YouTube. This episode continues where the previous one left off: brainstorming plotlines for BT21. As always, BTS brought their unique brand of storytelling into the mix.

This time, rather than plucking ideas out of thin air, the members had to include keywords like “rival” and “mystery”. This is what inspired AT21, a copycat group of rivals who are determined to break up BT21.

Like real-life anti-fans, AT21 tries to stir up controversy by spreading false information…

…circulating malicious photos…

…and exploiting conflict where there is no conflict. AT21’s goal is to create strife between the BT21 members and turn them against each other.

What happens when BT21 catches their rivals in the act?

They take them down! Jungkook wasn’t about to let AT21 break up Cooky and his friends.

Like BTS, BT21 stands strong in the face of adversity — together!