ARMYs Respond To “Burn The Stage” Dub Confusion In The Best Way

Once again, ARMY showed off their memeing skills.

Some alarming misinformation about BTS‘s upcoming movie has now inspired a hilarious series of video clips.


On November 10, Vue Cinemas revealed that Burn The Stage would be dubbed rather than subtitled in their theatres.


BTS fans did not react well to this news, as they had been looking forward to hearing BTS’s real voices in the film.


Many fans even threatened to boycott the movie rather than watch a dubbed version.


Thankfully, Vue Cinemas representatives were quick to clear up the confusion. They assured ARMYs that Burn The Stage would be subtitled in English with the original Korean audio.


Now that the initial scare is over, ARMYs are having a field day! Fans have created a series of hilarious, dubbed clips to parody the Burn The Stage mix-up.


Some fans have used existing audio clips for their dubs…


…while others have written their own scripts and recorded their own voices.


If the movie were dubbed, many fans would be disappointed, to say the least…


…but who doesn’t love a good parody?