These Cute Elders Are Proof That There Is No Age Limit To Being A BTS Fan

Just BTS smoothly entering everyone’s hearts.

In a People Vs. Food challenge on YouTube, elders were challenged to guess the song from the food they were given. Although most of the artists they were tested on came from the West, BTS made an appearance in round six with “Butter,” and the reactions of some of the elders were adorable.

Presented with a plate of toast and heart-shaped butter, the initial reaction of the guests was one of confusion. However, one of the contestants, Holgie, instinctively knew the answer, though she couldn’t come up with it right away, and started dancing to the tune in her head.

People VS Food/YouTube

After cutely imitating part of the dance while commenting on BTS’s skills, the answer finally clicked in her head and Holgie excitedly shouted out, “BTS!”

Makes you want to dance. They dance like amazing.

— Holgie | People VS Food/YouTube

Another elder on the show, Philip, also knew that the artist was BTS, and though he stumbled a bit with the order of letters, he quickly corrected himself.

Despite not knowing the title exactly, Philip was sure about the tune and perfectly sang the first two lines of the song. While perhaps not an ARMY, Philip’s response shows how BTS’s music has taken over the world, to the point where an 81-year-old man from America can jam to their song.

Holgie, on the other hand, seemed to be an ARMY in the making, if not one already. After remembering the name of BTS, she proceeded to comment on the idols’ stage presence, revealing to viewers that she’s probably watched BTS’s performances and music videos multiple times.

They’re sexy little devils 😉

— Holgie | People VS Food/YouTube

She continued to go on about how cute they were, a statement all ARMYs can agree with.

Music is meant to transcend language, distance, time, and age, and BTS has made this a reality over and over again. If you want to check out the rest of this wholesome video, click on the link below: