BTS Changed Their Spring Day MV Because Of Jungkook’s Idea

BTS revealed that, while filming for Spring Day, they changed this one scene because of Jungkook‘s surprising acting instinct.

BTS recently appeared on KBS Music Bank for one last performance of “Spring Day” and “Not Today” before their world tour officially takes off. They sat down for a mini interview to talk about the new album, their recent achievements, and the making of their Spring Day music video.

When asked if there were any interesting stories during the making of Spring Day to tell, Rap Monster spoke up immediately, “If you ask about an episode/story, it’s indeed Jungkook’s train popping. There was a train set and the staff was supposed to snake around the train.”

“But, to give off the feeling that we were on a real train, our Jungkook started acting like this”, J-Hope added, introducing Jungkook’s demonstration. The camera then switched to Jungkook, who started bouncing slightly in his seat to show what they were talking about. “After that, all seven of us were trying to act like that,” said J-Hope.

Check out the video of their interview:

BTS will kick off the Western hemisphere portion of their tour on March 12 in Chile, at the Movistar Arena.