BTS Eating Chicken Causes the Restaurant Website’s Server to Go Down

ARMYs are not to be underestimated.

BTS recently shared behind-the-scenes footage on their official YouTube account in which they were seen eating sweet and sour chicken.

In the shared footage, BTS could be seen sitting around a table enjoying boxes of chicken. BTS, who are well-known for having good appetites, graced their ARMY’s with another eating show by taking on one box of chicken each.

BTS commented on how delicious the chicken was, and Jin shared that he ordered around 500 and that he had to order such a big amount ahead of time.

It appears that ARMYs were strongly inspired by the shared footage because on this day, the chicken restaurant’s home page had so much traffic that the server went down.

Gamaro Gangjung

This shouldn’t be surprising because ARMYs have already proved that they are not to be underestimated, with the most recent incident being the Downy shortage that ARMYs caused following a conversation Jungkook had with his fans.

Watch the footage of BTS’s chicken eating show below:



Source: Insight