BTS Was Out To Clown Jin During Their Comeback Special

BTS’s younger members teamed up to tease their eldest.

BTS is forever messing with each other, but the younger members love to team up and tease Jin!

On February 20, BTS held a special broadcast to discuss their new album, MAP OF THE SOUL: 7, ahead of its release. Here, the members dropped hints about new songs, choreographies, and more.

The broadcast began with each member greeting the audience. After said a few words, the next member in line, Jin, got ready to introduce himself.

As soon as he stood up, V interrupted with, “I’m not done yet,” and Jin had to sit right back down!

His expression says something along the lines of, “this brat…”

When V finished talking (for real, this time) Jin stood, twirled in a circle, and charismatically introduced himself as Worldwide Handsome. Unfortunately, the teasing wasn’t over yet!

You could practically hear crickets chirping in the silence that followed, “I’m Worldwide Handsome Jin.”

After that embarrassing pause, Jin began clapping for himself, and he scolded his members for not giving him a good reaction.

It’s been seven years, but they still won’t let him live!

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