Sunghoon Picks The BTS Concept He Wants ENHYPEN To Try

Sunoo and Jay were all for it.

During ENHYPEN‘s Zip My Record interview with Esquire Korea, Sunoo and Jay were fully on board with trying the BTS concept Sunghoon wanted the group to try.

Sunghoon | @ENHYPEN_members/Twitter

If given the freedom to choose any concept for a stage performance, Sunghoon had two choices in mind for ENHYPEN to try out.

Sunghoon wanted ENHYPEN to perform “disco or something sexy.” Because Sunoo was curious about what kind of sexy concept they would do, Sunghoon was happy to name the BTS concept that nailed it perfectly.

He named BTS’s iconic “Blood Sweat & Tears”, which still drives fans crazy from how sexy the concept was. Sunghoon wasn’t the only member who was a fan of it.

Sunoo immediately said, “I love it,” while Jay agreed, “That sounds great.

While the sexy concept would be a major change for ENHYPEN, the members would be ready to take on the challenge and do their seniors justice.

BTS’s V.

Check out Sunghoon hinting at the sexy stage that ENHYPEN might be trying out in the future.