BTS’s Concert Director Chose The Tour He Is Most Proud Of, And Here’s Why It Was So Memorable

It seems impossible to choose just one!

Since debuting in 2013, BTS has cemented their status as one of the biggest artists in the world. Yet, alongside releasing amazingly catchy songs and having the most charming personalities, the members are known for having an amazing presence on stage when they’re performing in front of fans.

BTS during their online concert | @KPop_Herald/ Twitter

Recently, blip hosted the 2021 KPOP RADAR & TikTok Conference, where they spoke to several experts about different parts of the K-Pop industry.

In particular, they spoke to Kim Sangwook and Seo Donghyeon, responsible for creating concerts for both BTS and ATEEZ. The duo spoke about creating shows, the pandemic, and working with each of the groups.

In particular, after helping to create some of the most spectacular shows and concerts for BTS, the hosts asked Seo Donghyeon if there was one particular stage for the groups he’s worked with that he’s most proud of creating.

As expected, after doing some of the most magnificent sets and creations for BTS, Donghyeon couldn’t just pick one. The first two choices were BTS’s Love Yourself World Tour and Love Yourself: Speak Yourself shows.

From wowing crowds with their angelic white outfits, Suga killing it with “Trivia 轉: Seesaw,” and much more, there were moments that would’ve definitely been enough to make all the staff, who helped to create it, very proud.

BTS during their “Love Yourself” Tour | BigHit Entertainment

He also added that the Love Yourself: Speak Yourself tour was also memorable. Throughout the tour, fans were treated to some amazing and memorable moments from the members, including a rendition of “ANPANMAN,” playing pranks, and Jungkook singing along to Jimin‘s track “Serendipity.”

However, despite loving all of them, Donghyeon explained that he had one event that held a special place in his heart as a director, and it was the group’s 4th fan meet event, Happy Ever After.

I think, personally, the capacity of the director went the most into the 4th fan meet event. I put so much effort into that in terms of the visuals and the content. I tried really hard. And I was personally very satisfied.

— Seo Donghyeon

Back in 2018, BTS traveled to Japan for their Happy Ever After fan meet, and it was definitely a moment for ARMYs worldwide to remember, especially after they released it for a concert DVD. The bright colors in the VT’s and vibrant performances were definitely a concert worth being proud of.

| BANGTANTV/ YouTube   

With so many amazing shows over their career, it isn’t surprising that Donghyeon found it so hard to pick his favorite. You can watch the whole video below for more TMI from the directors who have worked with BTS and ATEEZ.

Source: blip


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