Meet the Most Jacked and Hyped up Army You Will Ever See at a BTS Concert

You wish you sat in his section.

In recent days, a post regarding a male BTS fan who got lit at Citi Field is receiving overwhelming attention in various online communities and social media.

The post consists of a footage taken at a BTS concert held at Citi Field in New York last October. The ARMYs that attended the concert in order to cheer on their favorite idols ended up paying attention to someone else.

That person was a fellow ARMY who held a light stick in both hands and danced along to BTS’s Mic Drop in the most powerful way possible.

That’s not all. He had an outstanding physique and a loud voice that really resonated with the other fans when he hyped them up to and lit up the entire section.

What was even more impressive was that in addition to his amazing energy, he had the exact moves down, which clearly impressed the fellow ARMYs in the section.

Watch the viral footage of this hyped up ARMY in the Twitter post below:

Source: Insight