BTS’s Riyadh Concert Staff Helps Jungkook’s Fan And Sweeps The Internet With His Kindness

Not all heroes wear capes.

When BTS Jungkook‘s fan at the group’s recent concert in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia was feeling a bit discouraged because she didn’t think the members could see her self-made banner, a generous concert staff stepped up to help and held her sign up high. This “not all heroes wear capes” type story has gone viral among ARMYs and is inspiring fans to continue being kind to each other!


On Twitter, user @Jiuwuo shared some pictures of a staff who was positioned among the fans in the audience for aiding a smooth run of things. In these pictures, the staff is holding up a lit banner that reads “JK” for Jungkook.


ARMYs from the concert shared that he was holding the banner up for a fan (@wjd_k6 on Twitter) who was “worried that Jungkook might not be able to see the sign she made because she’s too short.”


Thanks to the staff’s help, this adorable JK-banner was so proudly visible throughout the concert and its live broadcast to the world.


More importantly, it is most likely to have caught the eyes BTS!


After receiving a tremendous amount of praise for his kindheartedness, the staff, later identified as Twitter user @Naif0330, thanked ARMYs for the attention. ARMYs are deeply touched by his actions and inspired to be kind to everyone like he was!

Source: THEQOO