BTS Conspiracies That Will Make You Scratch Your Head And Go “Huh?”

From cults to time travel, there’s a theory for everything.

Back in 2018, when BTS was busy on their Love Yourself tour, British tabloid the Daily Mail reported on the weird conspiracies surrounding the group. Whether you’re a new fan or a longtime ARMY, these conspiracies are definitely wild and at the very least, will make you chuckle.

BTS has a cult?

Yup, they reported that there are alleged Illuminati ties. The logic being that as there are 7 members in the group, and 7-11=6, which is a number associated with…, well, you know.

Additionally, theorists believed that the group’s MVs contained “demonic symbolism”, such as the “Fake Love” because of the members wearing hoods and Venetian masks.

Secret messages

After the release of the group’s Love Yourself: Answer concept photos, some believed that it was a secret message making political commentary while others thought it was a comment on the pressures of fame. A popular theory was that they were drawing inspiration from the novel 1984 as their outfits were made by Dolce and Gabanna, which was founded in 1984.

Time travel

Another theory is that Jin is a time traveler who can pass his powers on. It’s also believed that he can transfer his powers to others and that he passed them on to Jungkook.

Further evidence to support this theory can be seen in the On Stage: Prologue video, in which V jumps off a floating surface into the water below. In the video for Euphoria, however, Jin is shown jumping in his place.



The 8th member

The invisible 8th member theory states that that BTS often leaves a gap big enough for another person to stand in.

A ghostly figure

Finally, another theory is that the group is being haunted. Apparently, certain photos of BTS include strange shadowy figures that can’t be explained. The belief lies in the fact that they have stayed at so many hotels around the world, with some of them being haunted.

What do you think about these theories? Were you following them when they first came about or do you think they’re the result of people with active imaginations?

Source: Daily Mail