ARMYs Are Calling For A BTS Vampire Movie After Seeing This New CF

If BTS made a vampire movie, it might look something like this.

A new BTS commercial is out, and its gothic, film noir aesthetic is calling one supernatural species to ARMY‘s mind: vampires!


On February 14, a black and white BTS ad for PLAY / UP cosmetic lenses went public.


In it, the members strike handsome poses while the Japanese version of “FAKE LOVE” plays in the background.


Each member has close-ups throughout the video…


…that show off their cosmetic lenses…


…and their flawless, vampire-esque features.


Everything about this CF, from its black and white film to the members’ suave suits, is reminding fans of sexy vampires…


…and it’s easy to see why!


If BTS were to star in a vampire film, it might look something like this CF…


…and tickets to the show would no doubt sell out in minutes!


For more, check out the video here.



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