An ARMY Spotted Her Dad In BTS’s Photos, Now The Internet’s Laughing

This dad lived out his daughter’s dream, and he didn’t even know it.

One unsuspecting dad has just become ARMY‘s new favorite person.


On June 14, NAVER x Dispatch released a new batch of photos from BTS’s trip to Las Vegas. BTS was there for the 2019 Billboard Music Awards, where they took home the awards for “Top Duo/Group” and “Top Social Artist”.


While looking through the photos, one ARMY got the shock of her life. She spotted her own dad in the background!


Here he is, just chilling and minding his own business. Can’t a dad go for a drink anymore without ending up in photoshoot?


No, he can’t. This dad didn’t end up in one, but two BTS photos! Here he is again, sharing the bar with Jimin.


When diana (@taejooons) noticed her dad, she had to share it with the world.


ARMYs everywhere are cracking up at her discovery and falling in love with her awesome dad.


Since then, this luckless ARMY has been cursing the universe (and her dad) for The Most Unfair Moment in Life. Really though, who wouldn’t?


Check out more from the photoshoot here. Who knows? Maybe you’ll spot your dad too!

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