BTS’s Dentist Got All Their Information Wrong And Fans Can’t Help But Laugh

They finally fixed their mistake.

An online community board revealed past posts made by BTS’s designated dental clinic and gave fans a good laugh. The BTS members have been going to the same dental clinic since their debut and have been loyal customers to this establishment. In a post made by the clinic in 2014, they make the mistake of posting that BTS is from a different entertainment label.

“Hello~ we would like to introduce a celebrity that came to our clinic. He is BTS’s J-Hope! BTS is a part of Jellyfish Entertainment. We are the group’s designated dental clinic. That is why he recently came to our clinic.”

| Dream Dental Clinic Blog

Another past photo of Jungkook with the dentist was posted on their blog, but this time they got his name wrong.

“Whenever I see a good-looking and well-mannered idol like Jeon Jook Jung, my heart flutters regardless of age!”

| Dream Dental Clinic Blog

Another post revealed them supporting BTS’s third album but ended up getting the track name wrong.

“BTS, who came to our clinic, recently released their third album. Their tracks “Boy” and “One Day” have been receiving a lot of popularity. We hope to see more activities from them. Fighting!”

| Dream Dental Clinic Blog

After these messages were posted, they continued to roam around the internet among netizens and fans. Five years later, the dental clinic posted an apology.

First off, we apologize to BTS fans. Our blog posts from 2014 have become a big issue among fans. We have made a ridiculous mistake. We made the mistake of stating that they are from Jellyfish instead of Big Hit, called Jungkook by KookJung, stated that their song was “Boy” instead of “Boy in Luv”, and said it was their third album when it was their second mini album. I am so embarrassed by this mistake. These posts were written when they had just debuted and I think our manager was confused.

— Dream Dental Clinic

| Dream Dental Clinic Blog

Their newer blog posts show the correct information and reveal that they still continue to be the designated clinic for the members!

“This is BTS’s J-Hope who came by the clinic. He came because our clinic is Big Hit Entertainment’s designated dentist. They have songs such as “One Day” and “Boy in Luv.” They also released their third album this February.”

This post below is from 2019 and shows that Jungkook left an autograph for the clinic too!

“BTS’s Jungkook came by the clinic again! BTS is under Big Hit Entertainment and our clinic has been chosen as their designated dentist. This photo was taken the last time he visited our clinic.”

Although they made a mistake in the beginning, they have now corrected all the misinformation! They have a good partnership with BTS and Big Hit so fans hope that they will continue to take care of the members’ health and teeth!