Here’s What BTS Dreamed Of Doing During Their Rookie Days

BTS’ journey proves that you can never dream too big.

BTS recently became the first Korean artists to attend the 61st Grammy Awards held at the LA Staples Center on February 10th. This means that they’ve attended the top 3 music awards of America including the Billboard Music Awards and American Music Awards. And while BTS has made some groundbreaking achievements, they too had humble beginnings.


Back in 2014, BTS celebrated their 1st debut anniversary and the members each shared their hopes and desires. J-Hope‘s wish was to hold their own concert with ARMY and a huge audience.


In October of the same year, BTS held their very own concert, BTS Live Trilogy Episode II: The Red Bullet.


Jungkook‘s wish was for BTS to rank No.1 on a music program.


The following year in May 2015, they achieved their first win on M! Countdown.


On their 2nd anniversary in 2015, the members once again took the time to share their hopes and desires. J-Hope threw out, “Let’s dream big! Let’s win a Daesang (Grand Prize)!” The members’ reactions suggested that they thought it was too far-fetched.


The following year, BTS won their first Daesang award at the Melon Music Awards (MMA) with the “Album of the Year” award.


Suga‘s hope was “to perform at a large venue.” He laughed in embarrassment as he gave the Jamsil Sports Complex as an example. The members became speechless at his exorbitant expectation and J-Hope added, “That dream is a little bit too high.”


Three years later, BTS became the first-ever Korean artist to hold a concert at a US stadium and the massive 41,000-seat Citi Field completely sold out within 15 minutes.


BTS’ journey just goes to prove that you can never dream big enough! Check out their 1st and 2nd-anniversary broadcasts below: