BTS Drops Some TMI About What Goes Down In The Member Group Chat

BTS all the way!

BTS, who is known to be more like brothers than just members, have always been open and honest about their relationship with one another.

We can see just how close they really are through the way they interact in their group chats. Let’s take a look at the overall vibe of their text messages!

You can see just how open they are with their fans as they have shared their group chat messages through social media over the years. The below tweet is from 2015 and shows J-Hope praising Jin on improving his dancing skills.

    • J-Hope: I just saw the first edit for “DOPE” and Jin’s dancing has improved. I’m so touched lol.

When asked about the overall atmosphere of their group chats, it looked like they all used the chat in different ways.

      • Jimin: We like to take funny photos and send them in the group chat.
      • Jungkook: We also bet on who takes the ugliest photos.
      • Jin: It’s usually the youngest three that use the group chat the most. You could say it’s basically the maknae line group chat.
      • V: If a member does a new hairstyle, we like to take a photo of them secretly while they are sleeping. We also take photos right away if someone makes a funny expression. I’m like BTS’s Dispatch. You all need to look good for me~
      • Suga: I usually use the group chat to announce important events or for things to watch out for.

Who’s usually the loudest member in the group chat?

      • Jin: It’s always Taehyung, Taehyung, Taehyung.
      • Jungkook: He keeps sending messages even though no one responds.
      • V: I think it’s J-Hope.
      • RM: You two are similar.

Who’s the slowest member to respond in the group chat?

      • Jin: We rarely see Suga’s name in the group chat.
      • Jimin: He doesn’t reply even when we are joking around with each other.
      • Suga: It’s because I have quite a cool personality.

Who’s the fastest member to reply?

      • Suga: It’s usually Jimin. Jimin and V usually text the most in our group chat. They sometimes post funny photos to make us laugh but it’s not funny at all to me.
      • J-Hope: They are so loud!
      • V: Hey but you like to send messages like us though!
      • J-Hope: That’s true…I’m sorry~

What about the other members?

      • Suga: I just ignore them.
      • Jimin: No, don’t you send texts these days, Suga hyung?
      • Suga: I only reply to important matters. Truthfully, the group chat has too many meaningless records I sometimes get annoyed (laughs).
      • V: For example, when we went to Japan, we all had separate rooms so we used the group chat to communicate with one another. Previously, it was World Cup season while we were in Japan, so we used to chat to talk about the game.

Did just the three of you use the group chat then too?

      • J-Hope: We sure did.
      • Suga: When I checked the group chat there was already over 200 messages.

200 messages? Is this true?

      • RM: I didn’t reply in the chat, but the three of them continued to send messages. That’s why my phone battery kept going down. They are some scary people (sigh).

Which member is the slowest at replying?

  • RM: Jungkook. He’s not slow at replying, he just doesn’t reply at all (laughs).
  • Suga: Jungkook only says what he wants to say and disappears. He ignores our texts even though we took a lot of time to write it (laughs).
  • Jimin: It’s pretty serious (haha).

Looking at the overall vibe of their chats, it looks they are close enough to joke around about each other without hurting anyone’s feelings.

Their openness and honesty is one of their biggest factors in working together to share and influence the world with their message and music.

Source: theqoo