BTS’s Epic Fail At Foot Volleyball Can Actually Show Us How They Became Global Superstars

They’ve always been bound for success.

On an episode of RUN BTS, BTS members went on a field trip and were challenged to a game of foot volleyball for some snacks at stake. The viewers had a blast watching BTS fail quite miserably at this sport, but ultimately ended up understanding how they got to become the world’s biggest K-Pop boy group.

The game started off when the producers challenged BTS members to try getting the ball over the net back and forth 15 times, in a total of three tries. They offered snacks, should BTS succeed, and the members were set on winning some munchies! BTS immediately began practicing…

… but foot volleyball didn’t come easy for them. None of the members had solid control over the ball. J-Hope passionately reached his foot out to kick the ball, but it spiraled out of sight. Members cracked up, realizing that this was about to become a long game.

BTS members tried to switch up the members’ positions, to maximize their chances of winning the deal. Unfortunately, it didn’t matter too much – as all the members continued to struggle with handling the ball. Nevertheless, the members continued to “practice”, but everyone knew 15 passes weren’t going to be possible. The producers ended up adjusting the challenge to just getting 3 passes cleared – and this seemed to have encouraged the members to keep trying…

And came their first try, blown by J-Hope:

Their second try, blown by Jungkook:

With one try left, BTS members got nervous. They went straight back to practice mode – and both the producers and the viewers were starting to feel a little sorry for putting the members through this all. With only one chance left, the members huddled and gave themselves a big “Hwaiting”. ARMYs began to see that it’s this type of diligence and this positive attitude that must have added up to the unprecedented success the members have been able to achieve!

Unfortunately, their last chance was blown as well…

And their one extra try…

Their last extra-extra try…

And even their one last final extra-extra-extra try.

Once the members realized it’s simply not going to work, they admitted their loss and walked away. While it could have been extremely frustrating and disappointing, none of the BTS members seemed shaken by their defeat! Instead, they all laughed it off and said it was fun getting some exercise outdoors. They found the good in the situation and didn’t get hung up over the results.

In light of BTS’s popularity soaring around the world, more fans are re-watching these episodes – only to learn that BTS had success seeded in them since the very beginning. ARMYs remain completely inspired by the members’ passionate hearts for all kinds of challenges, their patience for overcoming even the most frustrating and exhausting times, and their hard-working natures for pushing them through practice after practice.

The boys don’t know what giving up is…


I was able to see their usual teamwork. They kept supporting each other, even though they all failed. And they kept giving it their best. They never lost their smiles or tempers once… It was interesting to see.


Watching them go at it over and over and over again made me realize why they succeeded LOL


You can totally tell this is how their practices are… I was touched by how none of the members thought to exclude the ones that weren’t too good. They seem to think that they have to do this together because they’re all in it together. Anyone can see how they’ve come to succeed as much as they have. Their teamwork is amazing.


Watch the full episode here, with the foot volleyball starting at 16:04:


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