BTS’s Euphoria MV Sheds Light On So Many A.R.M.Y Theories

But it also opened the door to new theories.

Since BTS‘s “HYYH: The Most Beautiful Moment in Life” era, fan theories have been swirling around.


During the “HYYH” era, many A.R.M.Y believed that all of the MVs were showing each member coming to terms with growing up and taking on adult responsibilities.

Others believed that only one of the members was really alive and the other scenes were just memories.


And during the “Wings” era, fans started to speculate that perhaps all of the members were really just a figment of Jin’s imagination or different personality traits of Jin.

Not to mention the connections fans made between Emile Sinclair’s “Demian” and Ursula Le Guin’s “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas” during this era that seem to point heavily towards these two theories!


But the group’s most recent story video may have just shed a little more light on what is happening in the BTS universe.


The “Euphoria: Theme of Love Yourself Wonder” video seems to be an intersection of the “Love Yourself” series, “Wings” series, and “HYYH” series. There are many scenes within “Euphoria” that point to all of the stories being tied together.


For instance, in the HYYH prologue we saw V jump off a tower into the sea. And in “Euphoria”, we see Jin on the tower filming the other members including V.


There is also a connection between “Love Yourself” and “Wings”. During “Wings” we saw both Jimin and J-Hope in the hospital. And at the beginning of “Euphoria”, we see the boys trying to leave the hospital.


While this release is proof that there are connections between this series and the previous series, “Euphoria” has opened up even more discussion. Currently, the most popular theory is that Jin is traveling through time and changing past events.


One of the strongest pieces of evidence for this theory is the tower scene. We had previously seen V jump off the tower, but in “Euphoria” Jin is standing on the tower filming the other members. This suggests that, somehow, Jin has changed the course of events so that he is on the tower, not V.

Some fans have even pointed out that while the other members are waving happily to Jin, V looks like he is having a moment of déjà vu.


Another piece of evidence that strongly supports the time travel theory is the scene in “Euphoria” where J-Hope is sitting with V in a room. Previously, in the “I Need U” music video, V kills his father in that room.

Fans are guessing Jin made sure J-Hope was there so that V would not kill anyone.


Other fans are guessing that the time hops may lead to some unintended consequences in later stories.


Only time will tell what Big Hit Entertainment and BTS have in store for us!


Form your own theories by watching “Euphoria” below!

Source: Dispatch