BTS’s Excited Reaction To Seeing A Lava Lamp Will Make Your Day 200% Better

They are so soft!

BTS have toured all over the world, have experienced everything from speaking at the United Nations to performing at the Billboard Music Awards. And yet, they still remain as humble and curious as ever!


And their curiosity definitely came into play when they caught sight of a lava lamp for the very first time! Clips from BTS’s Love Yourself Tour in Europe have recently been putting a smile on everyone’s faces. Especially when fans found out just how excited they were to see a lava lamp.


It all started with Jungkook and V‘s fascination over the decoration when they shook it up and pretty soon couldn’t stop looking at the lamp much to the amusement of the cameraperson.


Thanks to their own interest in the lamp, it soon caught the attention of RM too!


All three were completely mesmerized by the floating goo not and based on all the times they said “wow” they were definitely digging on the lamp!


After seeing the clip, fans are absolutely melting over their adorable reaction…


Even if they do find it hard to believe they’ve never seen a lava lamp before!


There’s no denying that BTS really are the cutest!