Netizens Can’t Agree Which Of These Idols Is The True Visual Of Their Group

Each of them truly is a visual king.

Let’s be honest, choosing one member as the face of the group isn’t easy since each fan has their own ideal type. This has led to a big debate among netizens about the true visual member of BTS, EXO, and NCT. With so many handsome boys to choose from in each group, netizens are having a very hard time.


The first tough pick comes with BTS. Each member deserves the title but netizens have narrowed it down to two candidates who have received a lot of attention for their good looks.


The first person netizens have been considering is V. His top-notch visuals have caused a commotion with plastic surgeons and fans have argued that his features are literally textbook perfect.


It’s no wonder fans have taken to calling him “CG” because his visuals are unreal.


On the other hand, there’s Jin. With his broad shoulders and ridiculously good looks, it isn’t any wonder that he carries the “Worldwide Handsome” title!


His visuals are seriously no joke!


BTS isn’t the only group netizens are struggling with. With two more boys added to the mix, choosing the visual in EXO is incredibly hard too.


Some netizens think the visual title should go to the fearless leader. Suho‘s got a boy next door feeling that instantly makes your a heart skip a beat.


Never mind that he can pull of a bad boy look with ease too!


Then there’s Chanyeol with his adorable Yoda ears and all around handsomely-cute features that make him stand out from the crowd.


Add in his playful personality and he’s melting hearts right and left.


But who could forget the maknae? Sehun is often compared to models and can pull off any fashion.


His appearance has left fans awestruck for years.


Doubling the number, NCT is also making it extremely hard on netizens with 18 stunning idols. Although all 18 are extremely handsome, fans have been debating over two particular members for a long time.


The first person is Taeyong, who fans have said is so flawless that he has an unattainable visual status.


Plus Taeyong can pull off cute and the sexy concepts with ease.


And the other member responsible for the great debate is Jaehyun. His strong visuals can conquer any styling change and his smile is killer.


Even other idols have been stunned by his good-looks!


Netizens have been trying every combination of these idols and a verdict is still out. But with so many handsome men, each with their own unique visual power, is it any wonder that a decision hasn’t been made yet.

Source: The Qoo