Netizens Notice Something Interesting About The Visuals In BTS, EXO, And Wanna One

All 3 groups have this in common!

Besides having extremely talented singers, dancers, and rappers, BTS, EXO, and Wanna One have at least one more thing in common and that’s idols with outstanding visuals!


While each member from each group has their own good looks that have left fans a little breathless, netizens have noticed that there are some striking similarities between some of the members of each group. For one, all three groups have a cute-sexy visual for the group. In BTS the honor goes to Jimin who is known to be a sweet mochi one minute…


And then flip a switch to sexy in the blink of an eye!


Then there’s EXO’s Xiumin who’s often mistaken for the maknae of the group thanks to his sweet personality and youthful looks…


But don’t be mistaken because he too can bring the heat especially when he hits the stage!


When it comes to Wanna One, there’s no one quite like Kang Daniel. He can be super bright and cheerful one minute…


Then leave you incredibly breathless the next!


But that’s not the only set that the groups seem to have. Netizens have noticed another trio that have sparkly eyes and an unstoppable skill set. This set includes EXO’s D.O. who’s been crushing it on stage and on screen for years now.


In BTS, it has to go to the golden maknae Jungkook who can do everything!


Then there’s Wanna One’s Ong Seongwoo who has made fans fall in love with him since they first set eyes on his outstanding visuals and talent!


While these two sets definitely do have things in common, netizens can’t help but point out that every single member from all three groups is a visual in their own right and trying to pinpoint similarities is extremely hard! It’s no wonder netizens can’t help but fall for these three groups!