BTS Exposed How Suga’s True Personality Changed Since Their Debut

He had two different personas back then.

BTS discussed if the members have changed at all since their debut, starting with Suga.

J-Hope noted that when he watched old videos of Suga, he had a lot more energy compared to nowadays.

Suga, along with rest of BTS, chalked the extra energy up to the rookie mindset they had during this time.

Suga also revealed that when he first debuted, he felt like he had to make an extra effort to stand out in the world of idols.

Jungkook added to this, saying Suga had two different personas during this time.

Suga was his usual calm self off-camera but tried to be energetic and entertaining the moment the filming began.

Instead of having a stark difference between his personas, the members now feel that Suga has found a good balance. Now, his off-camera on on-camera self and act the same.

J-Hope said he likes the current Suga the best with these changes in his confidence.

He has settled into who he truly is instead of forcing an image onto himself.

Suga also revealed that during their debut, he was quite stubborn and had many thoughts surrounding his choices and what he could or couldn’t do.

Throughout the years, Suga has learned the important lesson of being adaptable and being able to live with what happens in life.

These changes have all made Suga into who he is today!

ARMY wouldn’t have him any other way!

| @BTS_bighit/Twitter

Watch their full conversation below.


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