A BTS Fan Is Going Viral For Trolling Her Dad With Jimin Pics

Her dad went away to get away from BTS, but she made sure Jimin would be there waiting for him.

An ARMY with a great sense of humor is going viral for pulling a Jimin-themed prank on her dad, who has had just about enough of his daughter’s BTS obsession.


On January 20, @jiiminmoon revealed that her dad left on a business trip after claiming that he needed a break from BTS and Jimin. She decided to troll him by putting photos of Jimin all over the house, even on the inside of the toilet lid.


She also posted updates about her dad finding Jimin’s photos. The first photo he found was on the coffee maker. He asked his daughter, “why do you have him there?”. When she replied with, “he wanted to see you”, he burst out laughing.


It wasn’t long before he found more photos in the bathroom. With each new discovery, the fan’s delight grew, and so did her dad’s exasperation. He was a good sport about it though!


Her dad playfully threatened to take photos of all the photocards and tweet them out himself!


The fan later updated her followers, to let them know whether or not her dad carried out his threat. He didn’t post photos on Twitter, but he did post one on Instagram with the caption, “I have no one else to blame. What did I expect? I 1) troll [her] about her BTS obsession with @btsjimin, then 2) leave her alone in the house for a week. How many more? Oh dear God, how many more? He is everywhere.”


Fellow ARMYS loved the prank, and they thanked her for posting her adventure for them all to enjoy.