This BTS Fan’s Husband Gave Her The Best Wedding Present Ever

She didn’t expect this.

At their wedding reception, this man gave his ARMY wife a surprise video gift that every BTS fan would love.


In the video’s intro, the husband revealed his wife’s diehard love for BTS. He said that Tammy has BTS clothes…


…a BTS Instagram fan page…


…and, of course, a lightstick.

“She’s got this light that costs $80. I don’t know what it does.” — Tammy’s husband


So, what do you give the ARMY who has everything? A sneak peek at a brand new BTS music video!

“I have a friend in Korea and she produces a lot of K-Pop music, so she was able to send over the latest and greatest, unreleased BTS music video. ” — Tammy’s husband


Well, sort of. The reception hall exploded with laughter as soon as the video started to play because it stars none other than…


…Tammy’s husband!


Tammy’s husband and their friends/family went all out to produce a parody of BTS’s “Singularity” MV. The husband’s video imitates “Singularity’s” outfits, lighting, setting, and filming style.


It also adds in hilarious details…


…that play on scenes from the original MV.


Needless to say, the video was a huge success. His ARMY wife loved it!


To see the full video, and Tammy’s reaction, check out this link.