A Reporter Suggested Who Might Succeed BTS, And Fans Aren’t Having It

They probably regret asking

Recently, a Hankyung reporter wrote an article asking who might succeed BTS, with their top assumptions being either TXT or ATEEZ.

TXT, of course, is BTS’s younger brother group under BigHit Entertainment, and so it isn’t a surprise that some people might assume they will eventually take the older group’s place in the future. ATEEZ, who has shown an incredibly fast-growing international fanbase, has also been mentioned as potential competition.

With the older members of BTS’s enlistment dates starting to get close, there might indeed be room in the industry for other artists to take advantage of their time away – whether the members finish their enlistment duties alone or together – especially groups like TXT and ATEEZ who have garnered such a strong international fanbase.

But ARMYs aren’t having it.

Here are some of the online comments by left by fans scorning any idea of another group taking BTS’s place:

“BTS is so famous and achieved so much. I don’t think anyone can be the successor to BTS. I heard that there aren’t any kids in the US that don’t know about BTS.”

“The answer to who can succeed BTS is no one. When BTS calls it quits, that will be the saddest day.”

“No one can beat BTS. After many decades, I heard they were called The Beatles in the US.”

With how incredibly successful BTS has been worldwide, it’s no surprise that fans don’t think anyone would be able to take their place, even while some or all of the members are enlisted!