BTS Fans Are Trolling The Internet With “Same Pose” Couple Photos

You’ve gotta love their sense of humor.

Every K-Pop fandom has its traditions and for BTS‘s ARMY, one of those traditions is #ARMYSelcaDay.


On the first Tuesday of every month, BTS fans post photos of themselves that are similar to BTS’s photos, to show off their creativity.


Every fan puts their own unique spin on it…


…whether that means imitating poses and colour palettes…


…facial expressions…


…or themes.


While many of these posts are on the serious side, it’s no secret that ARMYs have a wicked sense of humor.


For September’s #ARMYSelcaDay, many fans have been poking fun at netizens and tabloids by posting “couple photos” of themselves mirroring BTS’s poses.


A few have even written their own mini dating scandal captions to go with the photos.


Who ever said ARMYs don’t have a sense of humor?