Getting Into A BTS Fan Sign Is Harder Than Getting Into College, Here’s Why

Here’s everything you need to know about getting into a BTS fan sign.

To attend a BTS fan sign, you just have to be in the area. Right? The short answer is: “no”.


Many international fans envy K-ARMYs and other fans who get to attend BTS’s meet and greets, but even these ARMYs don’t have it easy. The process to get into a fan sign is surprisingly complex, and frustrating.


The first step is to create an account on BTS’s official fan cafe. To do this, fans need to answer a series of questions. Not only do these questions have to be answered in Korean, they also have to be 100% accurate. Spelling mistakes are just as fail-worthy as misinformation.


Even the smallest mistake can lead to an applicant’s disqualification. The questions are highly detailed and can include just about anything related to BTS. The questions change every weekend too.


Even the most dedicated ARMYs might find themselves frantically Googling answers. What if the question relates to the one episode you missed in Run BTS? Well, you might be doomed.


After that, Round 1 of the waiting game begins. Applicants usually receive a pass or fail response in a few days. If you passed – hurray! If not, you can keep trying again until you do.


After an applicant has passed, it’s time to purchase BTS’s albums. The album purchases made through the fan cafe’s provided links will count as lottery tickets, essentially.


The more albums purchased, the better your chances at winning a spot at BTS’s fan sign. Albums can also be purchased in person at designated locations.


Winning a spot isn’t always guaranteed. If you buy 100 albums, you might still have to try again next time…


..but it’s worth it though, right?