BTS Was Once Asked If They Felt Awkward When They First Met, And Their Response Wasn’t Like Most Other Groups

Jimin also shared a heartwarming fact about V!

The BTS members consider each other family, and it seems that the members have never had an awkward phase with each other.

BTS during their debut days

During an interview, the members were asked, “Do you feel awkward living together? How long it took before getting closer?Jimin answered by talking about how, when he first became a trainee, V was the one who took care of him. Thanks to V, Jimin was able to blend in with the members well.

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RM then revealed that they’ve never really felt awkward with each other, as they all came in one by one to Big Hit Entertainment (BTS’s agency).

Because we weren’t suddenly moving in from other companies, instead we moved in one by one, so we didn’t really feel awkward.

— RM

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Jin concluded by talking about how he was shocked when he first moved into their dorm, as it was full of mosquitoes!

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Here’s the full video below!