BTS Share Stories About Their Favorite Childhood Hideouts

Each member had his own special refuge as a child.

BTS recently shared stories about their childhood hideouts that may make you look back on your own.


On June 13, BTS released “Bangtan Attic”, their 2019 FESTA dinner video, to celebrate their sixth anniversary. The members answered questions about their past and present, including this one:


Jimin‘s “romantic” hideout was made from pillows.

My friend’s house was my hideout. That and I also used to make pillow forts.

— Jimin


In the mornings, Jimin would wake up in total darkness because all the pillows would be covering his face.


Suga, on the other hand, found his refuge in the mountains (yes, RM, mountains not mountain) of Daegu.


“I was in Daegu with all the mountains,” Suga said. “There was a mountain where I lived and it had a downstream nearby. That was where I hung out.”


RM and Jungkook both hung out at playgrounds, in Ilsan and Busan respectively.

Mine was at a playground. There was that…not escalator…slide. Remember that space below the slide? I hung out and played games there. You know, like cops and robbers.

— RM


V pointed out that other people would have access to playgrounds, so he preferred to make his own private hideaway at home. Unfortunately, his hideout met a tragic end.

I built my own hideout with a big, empty box at home and I put all my stuff in there. But my grandma..You know how you sell empty boxes? I cried when she sold the box.

— V


When J-Hope said that the practice studio was his hideout, his members started to clown him, but it really was his refuge.


Dancing at the studio when I was younger,” he said. “I thought of it as my hideout and refuge. I thought that’s where I belong.


As for Jin, he liked to pass the time under bridges. Since other kids had the same idea, his hideout changed every time he visited it.

You know those bridges we had. You can find small spaces below. That’s where I used to play house. […] Something like a footbridge. Those you find below the apartments. But I think other kids used it too. It looked different every time.

— Jin


For more, check out the whole video here.