A Filipino Mom Has An Ingenious Hack To Make Laundry More Fun, And It’s All Thanks To BTS

We all need one now!

Chores just got a lot more fun!

A Filipino mom from Pampanga, Philippines, is going viral for her ingenious laundry hack featuring BTS. Lady Angeline Seneres uses cabinet hangers topped with their faces to hang her clothes when she dries them outside.

All seven members of the HYBE group—Jin, Suga, Jungkook, V, J-Hope, Jimin, and of course, RM—had their own suit-clad versions of the hanger. It created the illusion that they were wearing whatever ARMYs put on them, and this ranged from plain colored t-shirts to one with the BT21 gang.

Lady Angeline Seneres’ photo has been ‘liked’ over 8,000 times in less than a day | @ThePhilippineStar/Twitter

After the photo of her clothesline made the rounds online, Lady Angeline Seneres sat down for an interview with The Philippine Star where she confirmed that she was a huge fan of BTS. It was her idea to use the hangers, enjoying the way it brightens her day effortlessly.

It removes my fatigue. It makes me happy. Sunny or rainy, I enjoy it.

— Lady Angeline Seneres

She’s been an ARMY since 2020 after having been sucked into the fandom through their fun appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

I was just searching for something fun to watch on YouTube and I saw BTS on James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke. I was curious about the names of the members, and there! I was trapped in the BTS world.

— Lady Angeline Seneres

The Pinoy fan made sure to send a message to her fellow mom-ARMYs, reminding them to think of BTS when they need inspiration to get through the day.

ARMY mommies, no matter how busy we are with house chores like laundry, let’s just think that there’s Bangtan there to inspire us all.

— Lady Angeline Seneres

The BTS hangers can easily be found in local online shopping sites. In fact, it is one of the most popular K-Pop related items that vloggers and K-Pop fans recommend for the fun of it.

Other fans also own the same set of hangers and many have posted photos of them online.

| @lenpot15/Carousell

One particular ARMY was even surprised to find out that her boyfriend uses Jin’s cabinet hanger for his own polos.

Yet another was gifted with a Jungkook version of it for Christmas.

One thing is certain, it makes hanging clothes more interesting!

Source: The Philippine Star