BTS Forgot Their Choreography, So They Invented New Dances

J-Hope, V, and Jungkook did their own hilarious freestyle versions of BTS songs.

Bangtan freestyle is back and better than ever!


In Episode 89 of Run BTS!BTS played UNO to decide who would pick the teams for song-guessing games. The special BTS edition of UNO includes “Dancing Wild Cards”, where players must perform BTS dances.


If anyone can nail a “Dancing Wild Card” it’s BTS, right? Yes…in theory. In practice, the results were 0% accurate and 100% hilarious!


Jungkook was the first member to get a “Dancing Wild Card”. When “Lost” started playing, he was, well, lost…


Jungkook couldn’t remember the dance, so he made up a JK version…


…and put on a talent show!


J-Hope also drew a blank for “Whalien 52″…


…so he danced with his feelings!


Suga and V (aka the Fact Police) had this to say about J-Hope’s whale swimming interpretation, but he passed anyway.


V was the final member to draw a “Dancing Wild Card” and his “Spinebreaker” version didn’t disappoint!


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