Former BigHit Trainee Cuts Filming To Help Motorists In A Car Accident

“I was filming, and in the back, I heard a really loud sound…”

Today, we know JinSugaRMJ-HopeJiminV, and Jungkook as BTS, but once upon a time, they were just seven trainees hoping to make the cut.


Back then, BTS trained with a number of other hopefuls, including Kim Ji Hoon. This former BigHit Music trainee shared his experiences in a VICE documentary called I Trained With BTS: Being on the Brink of Fame and Then Losing it All. 

Kim Ji Hoon (left) and BTS’s J-Hope (right) | 빛훈 Bitoon/YouTube

Now, in a new reaction video, Ji Hoon is sharing additional commentary about BTS, his past, and what happened during filming. While being interviewed at the Sinsa Station intersection, Ji Hoon witnessed a collision between a motorcycle and a taxi.

Fortunately, it didn’t lead to a big accident,” Ji Hoon said. “The motorcycle is broken. [The driver] is a deliveryman. Fortunately, the driver woke up only feeling a slight shaking.”  

“I was filming and in the back, I heard a really loud sound,” Ji Hoon explained. “I was so surprised that I called 911. I went and [the driver] said he was okay.” Emergency workers arrived on the scene soon after.

Like a true professional, Ji Hoon resumed filming as if nothing had happened. Footage from the accident was cut from the documentary, so if Ji Hoon hadn’t mentioned it, this behind-the-scenes story would have remained untold.

Watch Ji Hoon’s reaction video here: