BTS’s Former Staff Recalls The Sacrifices The Group Made In Their Rookie Days To Succeed

The staff member looked back on those times fondly.

HYBE‘s groundbreaking boy group BTS is one of the most well-known artists in the world and didn’t reach those heights overnight.


One of BTS’s former staff members, who was present during their rookie days, shed light on how much they sacrificed to be successful.


During an interview with Yonhap News, BTS’s former makeup artist Han Hyun Jae was asked about his most memorable moment working for the group. He remembered their dedication to their career by noticing “they practiced a lot.” It wasn’t just your average practice, either.

Despite preparing for their schedules and completing a busy day, BTS also sacrificed what little free time they had afterward. Han Hyun Jae shared, “They practiced after work with little sleep.

And even when they did sleep, it was much less than half of the suggested hours an adult or growing teenager needs. Han Hyun Jae continued, “So they literally slept one or two hours, and then they came to the shop.

BTS was so tired from improving their skills that Han Hyun Jae spent most of his time working on their sleeping faces. He admitted, “For the most part, the time they were getting their makeup done was when they got some sleep.

Han Hyun Jae remembered those times fondly, touched by how determined the members were to succeed. They went from rookies who barely slept and didn’t have time any free time to successful idols who can now do whatever they please.