BTS Get Scared Out Of Their Pants (And Seats) On “Ellen”

J-Hope was terrified.

BTS guested on The Ellen DeGeneres Show for the second time today and Ellen DeGeneres decided to give the boys a little surprise of her own.


Ellen first went over what happened the previous time BTS guested, which included the members visiting the set of Friends, which is so close to RM‘s heart.


They also gave ARMY’s the surprise of their life, popping out from behind parts of the set.

Just look at V at the end!


Ellen then went over BTS’ return to the BBMAs, but this time they also performed instead of only just receiving an award. V answered this whole question in English!


As they were going on to wrap up their talk segment, Ellen’s surprise kicked in, with a “fangirl” popping out of a box the members had assumed was empty.

J-Hope ended up on the floor, and Jin nearly did too. And then there was Jungkook…


Watch the full clip below: