Here’s The Flood Of Gifts ARMY Gave BTS Before The “No Presents” Policy Happened

ARMY’s dug deep into their wallets to buy these expensive presents.

After five years of receiving everything from plushies to GUCCIBTS stopped accepting gifts from fans in 2018.

Before the “no presents” policy happened, ARMY sent BTS enough presents to put Santa Claus out of work.

These gift piles contained luxurious goodies…

…like designer clothes…

…and shoes.

ARMYs also sent BTS expensive accessories like this Rolex watch…

…and this Apple phone.

One wealthy fan even sent a bar of gold to Jungkook, the Golden Maknae!

| @murningstark/Twitter

Then there were the gifts that can’t be wrapped, like this supernova for superstar RM

…and this piece of the moon.

| Her Jams/Youtube   

ARMY’s flood of material goods came to an end, but they’ve found other ways to show BTS how much they care. This year, fans gave BTS one of their best presents yet…

…the “Hot 100” chart!