BTS Giggling About Their Snapchat Filter Pics Will Make Your Heart Explode With UWU

They were having the time of their lives.

On a recent BANGTANTV YouTube channel upload, BTS members were spotted playing around with the popular snapchat filters that alter their faces. And the members’ most adorable reactions captured in the video are now making ARMYs worldwide UWU so hard.


In the video, Jungkook is seen trying out the filter on V. The filtered version of V on Jungkook’s camera looks so completely different from the real V – and both Jungkook and V can’t get enough of how funny it is! They seem totally astonished by the filter app and continue to giggle about how silly they look.


Jungkook decides to try it on RM, who also can’t believe the result! The three members take turns having their faces filtered – and proceeding to crack up about it. Their bursts of laughter, as recorded in the video, are now filling up the hearts of ARMYs around the world because there is nothing like the members’ happiness to satisfy the fans.


The video continues to show Jimin trying out the filter alongside Jungkook. As dashing as they both look – even with the filter on – Jimin doesn’t seem to quite like the way it has switched his face!

What are we going to do if we do end up looking like this in the future?

— Jimin


But the members can rest assured, because ARMYs are falling in love with the filtered version of BTS as well! The fans have reacted with all the UWU in the world for their most adorable BTS members.

If you aren’t whipped for their cute giggles and blissful laughter then WhAT ArE YoU DoiNG WiTh YoUR LiFE ?!?!?!?!

— YouTube ID Stephany

I like seeing stuff like this where they’re laughing and amused by something simple. Jikook laughing is one of the best sounds.

— YouTube ID Book Lover12

Omg I was cracking up with them 🤣🤣

— YouTube ID CanaryBabee


Watch the full clip here: