All of BTS Wore Face Masks to the Airport This Morning Except for Jin

“Worldwide Handsome” decided he didn’t need a mask this morning.

BTS was recently spotted at Gimpo International Airport heading out for the BTS World Tour “Love Yourself” Bangkok, Thailand, and each member showed up flaunting their individual charms which shined brightly as usual.

What could be easily spotted was the fact that almost every member of BTS was wearing a face mask with their fashionable airport fashion.

Jungkook was looking great in his face mask and casual wear:

And Jimin looked dark and mysterious in his mask and glasses:

But J-Hope added a nice pop of color to brighten up his airport fashion:

While Suga made sure to show off his swag in a very Suga outfit:

And V looked fashionable as usual with the mask going quite well with the overall look:

While RM showed up with charisma in his eyes that couldn’t be hidden behind a mere mask:

But what especially stood out was the fact that Jin wasn’t wearing any mask at all.

He appeared in just a hat and an exposed face, and his skin was looking absolutely radiant.

As expected from “Worldwide Handsome”, Jin showed off his attractive features and outstanding physique as he reminded his fans where his nickname came from.

Check out a few more blinding shots of “Worldwide Handsome” below:



Source: Insight and cherrypink9297


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