Remember That Little Girl BTS Took Photos With? She’s A Teen Actress Now

Time flies!

Over the course of their nine-year career, BTS has performed for thousands and people and made countless friends. One of them is this little girl, who isn’t so little anymore!

V and Lee Nam Gyeong | @2ng_zzang/Instagram

Seven years ago, BTS met Lee Nam Gyeong, a child model and actress, who was just six years old at the time.

Jimin and Lee Nam Gyeong | @2ng_zzang/Instagram

Lee Nam Gyeong met BTS by chance in August of 2015, while on location for a photoshoot. BTS happened to be shooting their pictorial for Vol.95 of 1st Look Magazine at the same place.

BTS in 1st Look magazine | 1st Look

Behind the scenes, BTS and Lee Nam Gyeong decided to have their own impromptu photoshoot. Here she is posing for photos with V…

| @2ng_zzang/Instagram
| @2ng_zzang/Instagram
| @2ng_zzang/Instagram

…and hanging out with Jungkook. At the time, the “baby” of BTS was just a month away from his 18th birthday!

Jungkook and Lee Nam Gyeong | @2ng_zzang/Instagram

After spending time with the would-be superstars, Lee Nam Gyeong became a certified ARMY! On Instagram, she shared this photo of herself holding BTS’s 2014 album, Skool Luv Affair.

| @2ng_zzang/Instagram

She also attended a BTS concert with her mother, who is also an ARMY.

| @2ng_zzang/Instagram

Fast forward to 2022. Lee Nam Gyeong is now 12-going-on-13 (14 in Korean age) and still working as a model. (Her birthday is June 5, 2009). In 2020, she made her acting debut in 18 Again as the 11-year-old version of Hong Si A (played by Roh Jeong Eui).

| @2ng_zzang/Instagram
| @2ng_zzang/Instagram

In 2021, she played the younger version of leading lady Hong Cheon Ki (Kim You Jung) in Lovers of the Red Sky. 

| @2ng_zzang/Instagram

Her most recent acting role is young Pyo In Seok (Ahn Eun Jin) in the 2021-2022 series, The One and Only. Here she is with her co-star, actor Kim Kyung Nam.

Kim Kyung Nam and Lee Nam Gyeong | @2ng_zzang/Instagram

Who knows? Maybe someday Lee Nam Gyeong and BTS will reunite in a K-Drama!