BTS’s “God of Destruction” RM And Possibly His Most Expensive Moment Of Damage

RM accidentally washed away thousands of dollars in the blink of an eye.

BTS‘s RM has broken everything from sunglasses to Jungkook‘s shirt, but jaws dropped over this one mishap!

Most of the items RM breaks aren’t too pricey to replace or repair…

…but he raised the stakes in Run BTS!

In Episode 98, BTS continued where they left off in their previous pajama party episode, playing games and treating fans with ASMR.

RM’s ASMR was, well, very RM. After snapping this sponge in half, he crushed it into watery bits to create squelching sounds.

Eagled-eyed viewers nearly screamed when they noticed the water pouring down RM’s wrist. That Rolex he’s drowning costs more than a brand new car!

RM’s Rolex Day-Date 40 Platinum is one of the world’s most expensive watches, selling for a whopping $57,600 USD or more!

Surely a watch that expensive must be waterproof…right? Waterproof or not, seeing that kind of cash get washed away stressed these fans out.

Well, here’s the worst-case scenario. If the watch did get wrecked, the God of Destruction could borrow Jin‘s. He has the same one!

BTS’s Jin and RM Low-Key Flex Their Wealth With Rolex Watches Worth Thousands Of Dollars