BTS Goes Wild When TXT Shows Their Love For Them In The Cutest Way

V wasn’t ready for the level of cuteness he received.

On episode four of TXT‘s One Dream.TXT, they visited BTS backstage after watching their concert and prepared something special.

They flipped pages of a notepad to reveal words they’d written explaining how much they enjoyed the concert and to wish their seniors well. BTS thanked them for the kind words and seemed just a little embarrassed.

As soon as Taehyun flipped the page and the first part of “I love you” appeared, Jungkook immediately turned away from them before pretending to fight the air. Then, V covered his mouth with his hand because he hadn’t been ready.

Suga couldn’t handle it either; he gave the signal to end it there. Jimin curled his hands, RM fell to his knees, and J-Hope slid to the floor. Jin was the only one to keep his cool and simply watched it all happen.

TXT attacked their sunbaes with love, and BTS just couldn’t take the cuteness. Suga resorted to covering his face with his hand and turning away. And, Jimin held a hand up to his forehead to help him process it all.

In the end though, BTS called what they did cute and gave TXT hugs for going through all the trouble to prepare it.

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