BTS’s “Good Boy” V Is Impressing Fans All Over Again With His Manners

His politeness didn’t escape fans’ notice.

“Polite” and “courteous” are just two words that describe BTS‘s V and his excellent manners.


On The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, V introduced himself as a “good boy”, and he continues to live up to that reputation every day.

Hi guys. My name is V. I’m good boy.

— V


For V, being kind is second nature. He’s always polite to the people around him, whether they are his members, his fans, or total strangers, like this Lotte Duty Free employee he said hello to.


In Episode 79 of Run BTS!, BTS played a 007 operative game. All the members were focused on finding cards that were hidden around Lotte Duty Free, but V’s competitive was no match for his politeness.


When he found trash lying around, he didn’t hesitate to throw it out. This small act of kindness may have helped out the custodian he attempted to team up with earlier in the episode (to locate more cards).


The Behind Scene for this episode gave viewers another glimpse at V’s manners. While searching for cards, he pushed each of these chairs back to their original positions.


We’d expect nothing less from this very, very “good boy”!