BTS Reveals Why They Are So Grateful To Be Able To Celebrate Their 8th Anniversary

It was a big event for both BTS and ARMY!

BTS recently celebrated the group’s 8th-anniversary, treating fans to a lot of exclusive content through their 2021 FESTA. Yet, for the members, it was something that none of them took for granted!

The members of BTS

In an exclusive interview with Jaeki Cho for Amazon Music, the group revealed just how humble and grateful they could reach their 8th-anniversary.

During the interview, Jin particularly voiced how surprising it was that the group reached this milestone.

When we first started, I was honestly concerned about how we’d last for seven years, being such different people. But, I think the differences turn into a synergy for us to fill in the gap for each other. That’s why we’re able to go together in our 8th year.

— Jin

Leader RM then spoke honestly about how there is usually a more ominous feeling when a group gets to their seventh year in the K-Pop industry.

For the viewers, I want to explain that like seven years is normally like, it symbolizes an invisible limit for many Korean teams, especially the K-Pop groups.

— RM

Yet, RM added that he is even more grateful for how far the group has got in their careers regarding their longevity.

So, the eight-year anniversary is kind of like a moment and a meaningful day for a group. To keep going for even more than seven years, I’m happy. It’s the best birthday we’ve ever had.

— RM

Luckily, even though the group is in their 8th-year as a band, there seem to be no signs of slowing down as they get more popular as time goes on! You can watch the whole video below.

Source: AmazonMusic