Halsey Performed With BTS In Paris And It Was The Cutest Thing Ever

Her surprise appearance made the show even more special.

ARMY‘s girl Halsey made a surprise appearance at BTS‘s Paris concert and they couldn’t have been more thrilled!


On June 7, BTS performed Day 1 of their 2-day Love Yourself: Speak Yourself concert at Stade De France. Fans knew that “Boy With Luv” was on the setlist, but they didn’t expect to see Halsey join BTS on stage.


Halsey showed up in a bright pink wig and snatched everybody else’s as soon as the song began.


She hyped up both the audience and BTS by adding even more fun to “Boy With Luv”. When Halsey shouted out her iconic line, “I want it”, V smiled brighter than the sun.


When the song ended, even more cuteness began. J-Hope clowned around with Halsey by asking her, “do you want it?” and she replied, “I want it”. Then she asked ARMY, “do you guys want it?”. They definitely did!


RM started to tell everyone to give Halsey a “big round of applause”, but he was interrupted by thousands of fans shouting her name!


Halsey hugged each one of the members before bouncing off stage.


She made the show 10x more special, and those who were there will never forget it.