BTS Are Just Happy They Are Together Despite The Hardships They Faced Preparing For The 2022 GRAMMYs

They are just grateful that they were able to be together.

BTS, who recently attended the 64th GRAMMY Awards, turned on VLIVE for a live broadcast with fans. Unfortunately, the server crashed just four minutes after they started. Luckily, the short broadcast was posted and fans were able to hear some behind-the-scene stories of their preparing process for the show.

In terms of preparing for the performance, they revealed that it wasn’t easy as they couldn’t practice altogether.

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J-Hope: Preparing for this performance… It has not been easy. We ran into a lot of obstacles.
Suga: Yeah, for sure. We had a lot of complications.
RM:  I mean, two of us were down. Jin had his finger surgery…
V: So the four of us practiced the choreography.
RM: Right. It was the four of us for about a week. And when it’s only four members trying to practice a choreography—and I’m sure you’ll be getting videos about the struggle, too—but it’s… It’s pretty much impossible to get anything done.

Although it was one of the most nerve-wracking performances they’ve done, all that mattered was that all seven members were together again.

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Suga: It matters that the seven of us are here together now.
Jimin: I’m actually really grateful for the members because we only got to rehearse all together for a day.
J-Hope: Yesterday.
Jimin: Right, we finally got together and tried it as a group of seven for the first time yesterday. So I was really nervous about [the performance].
Suga: I was super nervous, too.
RM: We tried really hard.
Jimin: Yep. We gave it our very best.
Suga: I think this has been one of the most nerve-wracking performances that I’ve done in recent times.

Watch the full video below!

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