BTS’s Mourning Circle At ISAC Finally Makes Sense

BTS‘s strange antics during the Idol Star Athletics Championships may have meant more than first thought with the release of a new light stick design.

News of the version 2 BTS light stick was first released on Twitter on January 16. Later that day the boys attended the Idol Star Athletic Championships, where some of the members began to behave oddly around the original A.R.M.Y. Bomb.

In a fan taken video, V is seen assembling the groups pictures around the original lightstick and immediately after, Jin begins bowing down to it as if performing a funeral rite.

The funeral for the original A.R.M.Y Bomb begins at 3:15 below

On January 19, a video of the light stick with more information was released on BTS’s official Facebook page. It features a wireless control mode and 5 different colors.

The strange prayer circle was put together and worshiped by Jin and V while Jimin took photos.

The release of the new design comes just in time for fans to order their new light stick for BTS’s upcoming Wings tour.

Will you be mourning the old design alongside the members as the new ones are set to arrive?