BTS Hit 4 Million Followers On The Last Day Of 2016

2016 was a year full of triumphs for BTS and, on the last day of the year, the incredibly popular male group hit this incredible milestone.

BTS sent 2016 off with a bang, officially hitting 4 million followers on Twitter on December 31st. The group first joined Twitter in 2011. Since then, the members have been actively making use of the social media platform to reach out to its fans. They’ve been using Twitter in a variety of different ways. Here are just some ways they keep in touch with fans:

1. #RMusic

Screenshot of rm music twitter
Rap Monster is celebrated by fans for his “#RMusic”, which is a compilation of song recommendations he makes to fans. His playlist includes many underground Western rappers and he’s been applauded by fans for having a highly versatile taste in music.

2. Covers

The members of BTS have spoiled fans with covers of hit songs time and time again. V’s soulful voice in his Christmas cover was a real treat!

Jungkook and Jimin covered Homme‘s song “You Come to Me” for fans as well.

3. Teasers

Even though Suga had been at home resting due to an injury during the 2016 KBS Gayo Daechukje, he took pictures of his fellow band members on stage at the most unflattering of angles!

Suga posing for a picture.
Suga posing for a picture.

V put in a lot of effort to get a glamorous shot of Suga.

Jimin taking a picture of V taking a picture of Suga.

A 5th Member capturing a shot of the other 4!

3. Silly selfies

What better way to connect with fans than through posting dorky pictures?

4. Cheesy Posts

Jimin holding army shirt
Some of the members look more amused than others.

The cheesy fanservice is real.

5. Snapshots of their Lives

Members of BTS are always looking for pockets of time to film little updates of what’s going on in each of their lives, both work and private.

Food by Jungkook (Twitter Update)

Even little things, like this food post from Jungkook, help fans feel a more connected to their idols.

6. Hoseok’s Edits

Last, but not least, J-Hope likes to reward BTS’s followers with hilarious photoshops of their Twitter milestones.

Hoseok Twitter edit at 1 mil

The first ever edit of the collection.

Hoseok Twitter edit at 2 mil

Fans are beginning to notice a trend!

Hoseok Twitter edit at 3 mil

Conspiracy confirmed!

jhope twitter edit at 4 mil